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neu CLI

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You can easily manage Neutralinojs applications with neu CLI.


Run the following command on your terminal to install the CLI globally.

$ npm i -g @neutralinojs/neu


neu create <binaryName>#

Creates a new Neutralinojs app using the minimal template. <binaryName> is the name of your application binary's file. For example, if you used myapp, application binaries will become myapp-<platform>.

neu build [--release]#

This command will create dist folder. Thereafter, it will create the res.neu resource file from your application resources. Finally, this command will create a zip file of the application bundle only if --release flag is provided.

neu run#

Executes the current application (This will execute specific binary depending on your operating system). This command will change execution permissions (using the chmod command) of the binary files on Linux and macOS.

neu listen#

This command is similar to run but it will enable live-reload for the current application. In other words, when a modification happens to application resources, the Neutralinojs application will be reloaded automatically.

neu update#

This command will replace existing Neutralinojs binaries with the latest binaries from internet.

Change log#

Please check the version history from npm.