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Internal CLI Arguments

neu CLI wraps Neutralinojs's internal CLI arguments to provide a simple interface for developers. For example, the neu run command internally calls ./bin/neutralino-linux --load-dir-res --path=. on Linux.

Neutralinojs supports the following CLI arguments.


Notifies Neutralinojs server to fetch files from the resources directory.


If Neutralinojs fails to load resources res.neu, this flag is automatically enabled internally to find resources from the app directory. Therefore, you can double click on the binary instead of neu run while developing apps.


Overrides the resources path with a relative path or absolute path. This will change the NL_PATH global variable.


Overrides the default mode. Accepted values are: window, browser, and cloud.


Starts the development server on port 5050. When the development server is enabled, each modification done to the resources will automatically reload the application. The neu listen command executes Neutralinojs with this flag.