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neutralino.config.json file contains the application configuration details. 

applicationId: string#

Unique string to identify your application. Eg: js.neutralino.sample

port: number#

The port of your application. If the value is 0, Neutralinojs will use a random available port.

defaultMode: string#

Mode of the application. Accepted values are window, browser, and cloud.

enableHTTPServer: boolean#

Enables or disables the background server (The static file server and native API).

enableNativeAPI: boolean#

Enables or disables the native API. For better security, this setting should be false if you are using a remote URL as your web frontend.

url: string#

The entry URL of the application. Neutralinojs will initially load this URL. This property accepts both relative and absolute URLs.

nativeBlockList: string[]#

An array of native methods needs to be blocked from the frontend of the application.

globalVariables: object[]#

A key-value-based JavaScript object of custom global vairables.

modes.window.title: string#

Title of the native window.

modes.window.width: number#

Width of the native window.

modes.window.height: number#

Height of the native window.

modes.window.fullScreen: boolean#

Activates the full-screen mode.

modes.window.icon: string#

Application icon's file name. You can directly point to an image file in the resources directory. We recommend you to choose a transparent PNG file.

modes.window.alwaysOnTop: boolean#

Activates the top-most mode.

modes.window.enableInspector: boolean#

Automatically opens the developer tools window.

modes.window.borderless: boolean#

Activates the borderless mode.

modes.window.maximize: boolean#

Launches the application maxmized.

cli.binaryName: string#

Binary file name of your application. If it is myapp, all brinaries should use myapp-<platform> format.

cli.resourcesPath: string#

Path of your application resources.

cli.clientLibrary: string#

Filename of the Neutralinojs JavaScript library.