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Neutralino.clipboard namespace offers functions to access system clipboard.


Returns the current data format of the system clipboard. 

Return String (awaited):#

Clipboard format: text, image, or unknown.

let format = await Neutralino.clipboard.getFormat();
console.log(`Format: ${format}`);


Writes text into the system clipboard. 


  • text String: Text to store into the system clipboard.
await Neutralino.clipboard.writeText('Test value');


Writes image into the system clipboard. 

Input Object: ClipboardImage#

  • width: Number: Image width.
  • height: Number: Image height.
  • bpp: Number: Bits per pixel (BPP).
  • bpr: Number: Bytes Per Row (BPR).
  • redMask: Number: Red mask.
  • greenMask: Number: Green mask.
  • blueMask: Number: Blue mask.
  • redShift: Number: Red shift.
  • greeShift: Number: Green shift.
  • blueShift: Number: Blue shift.
  • data: ArrayBuffer: Raw RGBA binary data of the image in an array buffer.
let image = prepareClipboardImage();
await Neutralino.clipboard.writeImage(image);


Reads and returns text from system clipboard. 

Return String (awaited):#

Stored text from the system clipboard.

let clipboardText = await Neutralino.clipboard.readText();
console.log(`Text: ${clipboardText}`);


Reads and returns an image from system clipboard. 

Return Object (awaited):#

Returns ClipboardImage object that has the same properties as in the writeImage() function.

let clipboardImage = await Neutralino.clipboard.readImage();
console.log(`Image: ${clipboardImage}`);