It's easier than you think

with html, css & js

NeutralinoJs is a portable and lightweight framework to develop apps with native functions and allows you to run inside web browsers.

In electron and NWjs you have to install NodeJs and hundreds of dependency libraries. Embedded Chromium and Node creates large overhead and makes even simple apps like “hello world” considerable in size. Neutralino offers a solution for this issue.

Now with Neutralinojs cloud preview you can take control of your virtual machines or bare metal servers or even your computer inside a private network from your web browser.

Learn Neutralino in 5 mins

It's completely open source! You also can contribute!

Neutralino Features

Run native OS functions

Call Kernel functions using Neutralino client library from your browser. Detect OS using global variables.

Portable & Zero Dependency

No need to install external libraries. Your Web browser is sufficient to run and develop Neutralino apps.

Cross-Platform Support

Neutralino runs on Windows and Linux. Develop from one platform and run in other supported platforms!

Lightweight and fly with app

An uncompressed Neutralino app is only ~5MB and compressed size is ~1MB.

Start developing Neutralino apps

Download portable SDK (< 1mb)