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Error Codes

If a particular native API call fails, Neutralinojs client library rejects the pending Promise with an error object.

The error object has the following structure:

code: "<code>",
message: "<message>"
  • code String: Error code.
  • message String: Error message

Native API error codes#

Error codeMessageThrown by
NE_FS_DIRCRERUnable to create directory.os.createDirectory
NE_FS_REMVERRUnable to remove path.os.remove
NE_OS_TRAYIERUnable to initialize the tray menu. This error is typically thrown when GNU/Linux systems don't contain an app indicator library.os.setTray
NE_FS_FILRDERFile read error.filesystem.readFile, filesystem.readBinaryFile
NE_FS_FILWRERFile write error.filesystem.writeFile, filesystem.writeBinaryFile
NE_FS_FILOPERFile open error.filesystem.openFile
NE_FS_UNLTOUPUnable to update opened file id.filesystem.updateOpenedFile
NE_FS_UNLTFOPUnable to find opened file id.filesystem.getOpenedFileInfo
NE_FS_NOPATHENo file or directory.filesystem.getStats, filesystem.readDirectory
NE_FS_COPYERRCopy error.filesystem.copy
NE_FS_MOVEERRMove error.filesystem.move
NE_FS_UNLCWATUnable to create watcher.filesystem.createWatcher
NE_FS_NOWATIDUnable to find watcher.filesystem.removeWatcher
NE_OS_UNLTOUPUnable to update the spawned process due to an invalid process identifier or action.os.updateSpawnedProcess
NE_OS_INVMSGAInvalid message box arguments.os.showMessageBox
NE_OS_INVKNPTInvalid platform path name.os.getPath
NE_ST_INVSTKYInvalid storage, storage.setData
NE_ST_STKEYWEStorage write
NE_RT_INVTOKNInvalid access token.all
NE_RT_NATPRMENo permission to execute the provided native method.all,
NE_RT_APIPRMENo permission to use the native API.all
NE_RT_NATRTERNative method runtime error. Mostly occured due to missing parameters.all
NE_RT_NATNTIMNative method is not implemented.internal
NE_CL_NSEROFFNeutralino server is not reachable.all
NE_EX_EXTNOTCExtension is not connected yetextensions.dispatch
NE_UP_CUPDMERInvalid update manifest or mismatching applicationIdupdater.checkForUpdates
NE_UP_CUPDERRUnable to fetch update manifestupdater.checkForUpdates
NE_UP_UPDNOUFNo update manifest loadedupdater.install
NE_UP_UPDINERUpdate installation errorupdater.install