Skip to main content namespace contains methods related to the user's hardware.


Returns system memory statistics in bytes.

Return Object (awaited):

  • physical Object: Physical memory information.
    • total Number: Total physical memory.
    • available Number: Available physical memory.
  • virtual Object: Virtual memory information.
    • total Number: Total virtual memory.
    • available Number: Available virtual memory.
let memoryInfo = await;
console.log(`RAM size: ${}B`);


Returns the CPU architecture identifier: x64 (x86 64bit/arm64), ia32 (x86 32bit), arm, itanium, or unknown.

Return String (awaited):

CPU architecture.

let arch = await;


Returns operating system kernel information.

Return Object (awaited):

  • variant String: Kernel type: Linux, Darwin, Windows NT, or Unknown.
  • version String: Version in the <major>.<minor>.<patch>-<build_number> format.
let kernelInfo = await;
console.log(`Kernel: ${kernelInfo.variant}`);


Returns operating system information.

Return Object (awaited):

  • name String: Operating system name.
  • description String: Operating system description.
  • version String: Version in the <major>.<minor>.<patch>-<build_number> format.
let osInfo = await;
console.log(`OS: ${}`);


Returns the CPU information.

Return Object (awaited):

  • vendor String: Vendor name.
  • model String: Model name.
  • frequency Number: The current CPU frequency in hertz (Hz).
  • architecture String: CPU architecture name. Returns the same value as the getArch function.
  • logicalThreads Number: Number of logical threads in the parallelism model.
  • physicalCores Number: Number of physical cores in the CPU.
  • physicalUnits Number: Number of physical CPU hardware units in the motherboard.
let cpuInfo = await;
console.log(`CPU model: ${cpuInfo.model}`);


Returns information about all connected displays.

Return Object (awaited):

An array of Display objects.


  • id Number: A virtual display identifier.
  • resolution Object: Display resolution information.
    • width Number: Display width.
    • height Number: Display height.
  • dpi Number: DPI (Dots Per Inch) value.
  • bpp Number: BPP (Bits Per Pixel) value (also known as the color depth).
  • refreshRate Number: Refresh rate in hertz (Hz).
let displays = await;
for(let display of displays) {


Returns the current mouse cursor position.

Return Object (awaited):

  • x Number: Distance from the left edge of the screen in pixels.
  • y Number: Distance from the top edge of the screen in pixels.
let pos = await;
console.log(`Pos: ${pos.x}, ${pos.y}`);