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Neutralino.extensions namespace contains methods related to Neutralino extensions. Extensions let developers write custom backend APIs for Neutralinojs applications.

Learn more about extensions with this guide.

extensions.dispatch(extensionId, eventName, data)#

Dispatches a new event to an extension instance. If the targeted extension is not connected yet, Neutralino client library will queue the function call and send whenever the extension comes online.


  • extensionId String: Extension identifier.
  • eventName String: Name of the event.
  • data Object (optional): Additional data for the event.
await Neutralino.extensions.dispatch('js.neutralino.sampleextension',
'myTestEvent', {myData: 'Test data'});
await Neutralino.extensions.dispatch('js.neutralino.sampleextension',

extensions.broadcast(eventName, data)#

Dispatches a new event to all connected extensions. If an extension is loaded but not connected yet, the particular extension won't get the new event. Use extensions.dispatch to send messages even if the extension is not connected to the main process.


  • eventName String: Name of the event.
  • data Object (optional): Additional data for the event.
await Neutralino.extensions.broadcast('myTestEvent', 'Hello');
await Neutralino.extensions.broadcast('myTestEvent', {myData: 'Test data'});
await Neutralino.extensions.broadcast('myTestEvent');


Returns details about connected and loaded extensions.

Return Object (awaited):#

  • loaded String[]: An array of loaded extensions.
  • connected String[]: An array of connected extensions. These extensions have an active WebSocket-based IPC connection with the main process.
let stats = await Neutralino.extensions.getStats();
console.log('stats: ', stats);