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init is not a namespace, it's a function that initializes a Neutralinojs application.


The application developer needs to call this method explicitly via a JavaScript source file before using any native API function. The init function does the following tasks when it's called.

  • Starts a WebSocket connection with the Neutralinojs server asynchronously.
  • Registers auto-reload event handler if the --neu-dev-auto-reload flag (the neu run command sets this flag) is provided.
  • Defines NL_CVERSION with the client libary version in the window scope.

You can call native API calls right after the init function call, as shown below.

Neutralino.os.showMessageBox('Welcome', 'Hello Neutralinojs');

Also, you can wrap immediate native calls with the ready event callback if you like.

Neutralino.init();'ready', () => {
Neutralino.os.showMessageBox('Welcome', 'Hello Neutralinojs');

Neutralinojs client library typically queues and sends native API calls to the server when the WebSocket connection is established. Therefore, you don't need to use the ready event callback always.