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init is not a namespace, it's a function that initializes a Neutralinojs application.


The application developer needs to call this method explicitly via a JavaScript source file before using any native API function. The init function does the following tasks when it's called.

  • Starts a WebSocket connection with the Neutralinojs server.
  • Starts listening to the development server if the --debug-mode flag (the neu run command sets this flag) is provided.
  • Defines NL_CVERSION with the client libary version in the window scope.
Neutralino.init();'ready', () => {
Neutralino.os.showMessageBox('Welcome', 'Hello Neutralinojs');

Aways use the ready event to call native API functions immediately. Don't call native API functions before the init() call or right after the init() call because the init() function doesn't synchronously wait until the WebSocket connection is established.