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Neutralino.updater namespace contains methods related to built-in automatic updater. Neutralinojs offers a built-in client-based updating mechanism. Therefore, you can update Neutralinojs apps without even calling third-party update services, operating system level services, or other binaries/scripts.

Learn more about extensions with this guide.


Checks latest updates from the given URL. The URL should return a valid Neutralinojs update manifest with Content-Type: application/json header. Throws NE_UP_CUPDMER for invalid manifests and NE_UP_CUPDERR for network connectivity issues.


  • url String: URL to fetch update manifest.

Return Object (awaited):

Update manifest.

let url = '';
let manifest = await Neutralino.updater.checkForUpdates(url);


Installs updates from the downloaded update manifest. Throws NE_UP_UPDNOUF if the manifest isn't loaded. If the update installation process fails, this function will throw NE_UP_UPDINER.

let url = '';
let manifest = await Neutralino.updater.checkForUpdates(url);

if(manifest.version != NL_APPVERSION) {
await Neutralino.updater.install();
else {
console.log('You are using the latest version!');