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Project Structure

Neutralinojs has a flexible project structure. Imagine a structure of a normal web application. We may separate resources into folders such as assets, styles, images, etc. Similarly, developers can decide the Neutralinojs project structure as they wish.

However, we should load the neutralino.js JavaScript file always into all the HTML files. neu CLI will scaffold a simple structure for you by downloading the minimal template. But, you can indeed change it or use the zero template to start from scratch.

Developing apps with vanilla JS

If you like to develop Neutralinojs applications with vanilla JavaScript, you can place all application resources in one directory. After that, you can update the neutralino.config.json file with the following values.

"cli": {
"resourcesPath": "/<resourcesDir>/",
"clientLibrary": "/<resourcesDir>/neutralino.js"

You can choose a name for <resourceDir>. But, by default neu CLI will use resources.

Developing apps with frontend frameworks

Any frontend framework can be used to make Neutralinojs applications. You can use any pattern as you wish to include both Neutralinojs app and frontend app in one repository. You can check our recommended approach from this guide.


  • Please browse sample apps section.