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Client Library



API: window#

  • Add extendUserAgentWith and exitProcessOnClose options to window.create TypeScript definition.



  • Improved the performance of the draggable regions API by throttling Neutralino framework function calls.
  • Fix the restarting issue that happens when the app path contains spaces.


API: window#

  • Avoid saving the window state for child windows in the window.create function by using the --window-use-saved-state=false internal CLI argument.


API: window#

  • Export the function.


API: file watchers#

  • Export filesystem.createWatcher and filesystem.removeWatcher functions.


  • Publish to NPM only if there are unreleased changes in changelog.


NPM/ESM support#

  • Add ESM support for the client library via neutralino.mjs.
  • Publish (and automate) the client library as an NPM package,@neutralinojs/lib.


API: custom methods and file streams#


API: os, filesystem, storage, and computer#

  • Expose new framework functions: os.getEnvs, storage.getKeys, and computer.getMousePosition.
  • Add size and pos options to filesystem.readFile and filesystem.readBinaryFile functions.


API: System information API#

  • Expose the new system information API functions: computer.getArch, computer.getKernelInfo, computer.getOSInfo, computer.getCPUInfo, and computer.getDisplays.

API: os#

  • Add the defaultPath option to set the default file path for all file dialogs.


API: filesystem#

  • Expose createdAt and modifiedAt JavaScript timestamps with the filesystem.getStats function.

API: os#

  • Add new functions for spawning processes. spawnProcess, getSpawnedProcesses, and updateSpawnedProcess.



  • Add nightly builds support. Developers can download the nightly builds by setting cli.clientVersion to nightly.

Core: global variables#

  • Add NL_CCOMMIT to hold the release commit of the client library.


API: window#

  • Add window.getPosition to get the current window coordinates.

API: filesystem#

  • Add filesystem.appendFile to append text content to a file. Thrown errors are similar to the filesystem.writeFile function.
  • Add filesystem.appendBinaryFile to append binary content to a file. Thrown errors are similar to the filesystem.writeBinaryFile function.


API: init#

  • Store NL_TOKEN in sessionStorage and handle native API calls after page reload.
  • Show a message to the user via HTML if NL_TOKEN is not valid (Eg: when the user tries to open the app from another client with one-time token).

API: window#

  • Add window.setAlwaysOnTop(bool).
  • Add window.getSize.


API: clipboard#

  • clipboard.readText and clipboard.writeText functions added.


Core: Extensions#

  • Extension API functions. Queue messages dispatched to extensions and send when the extension is ready.

Core: Init#

  • Reload app based on --neu-dev-auto-reload (--debug-mode removed) with the neuDev_reloadApp event.

API: window.create#

  • Return process information with the promise.

API: window.setDraggableRegion#

  • Allow passing DOM element as the param.

API: window.unsetDraggableRegion#

  • Newly introduced method to remove draggable region handlers from an element.

API: Updater#

  • Updater API functions.


  • Make return values of events namespace functions consistent.
  • Rename res.neu to resources.neu.

Core: Ping on browsers#

  • Polling action to the server was removed and replaced by the server process's internal idle check. app.keepAlive was removed.


  • Client-side implementaion of extensionReady.
  • Allow developers to call native APIs without depending on the ready event (it's not removed becuase of the internal usage).